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85/86 ATC 350X Frame Gusset Kit


Often imitated but never duplicated.  The ORIGINAL 350X TPC Frame Gusset Kit.  Don't settle for a cheap imitation!

Our kit was developed from over 20 years of experience with the ATC 350X.  We are the only ones who have the experience and know-how to gusset your frame correctly.  We started with a brand new ATC 350X back in 1985 and we know exactly why the frames crack and exactly how to fix them!

Others have attempted to copy our design but have no idea about what makes our modifications successful.  Ask yourself: Do you want experience?  Or, do you want to take a chance on what "Johnny-Come-Lately" is offering?

The ATC 350X Frame Gusset Kit is easy to install yourself or we can install it for you!


Gusset Kit - $65.00 plus S&H

Installed - $250.00 plus return S&H



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For an additional charge, we can powdercoat it.
350X gusset kit update


Our kits have been developed with over 27 years of experience with the ATC 350X. We have had them (350X's) from the beginning. We know where, and why they fail and have a time tested proven system that gives you a solid foundation upon which to build your 350X. You can order individual kits to address certain problems or go for the full kit and take care of it once and for all.

Seat post Kit....25.95 plus s+h

The seat post area of the frame is one of the first places the 350X frame starts to fall apart. this 4 piece kit addresses this area with precision fit gussets and instructions for installation.

4 pieces part # 2L2M

Sub frame kit....35.95 plus s+h

The sub frame of the 350x is a known weak link. Our 6 piece gusset kit not only helps prevent twisted sub frames, it also serves a secondary purpose of preventing the sub frame rails the seat rests on from sagging. (please note that two of the gussets DL and DR, also come in the main frame kit as they serve a dual purpose.)

6 pieces part # 1DR1DL2E2F

Main Frame kit....55.95 plus s+h

Our main frame kit strengthens the main section with 12 gussets placed in known weak areas. (please note that two of the gussets, DL and DR, also come in the sub frame kit as they serve a dual purpose.)

10 pieces part # 2A2B2C1DR1DL2K2O

"The Crack" fix....9.95 plus S+h

If you have learned anything about the 350X frame you know about the infamous crack spot at the left upper rear engine mount on the frame. Our repair section is precision fit to wrap the section and adding strength while repairing the frame. This modification does require the original engine mount to be removed and reinstalled after gusset is attached.

Part # 1G

Complete kit....95.95

Get our entire kit that includes all gussets and save over 30.00 when you buy it over individual kits separately.

Part # 350CGK21

Installation and powdercoat

For 550.00 we will sandblast your frame, install the complete gusset kit and powder coat the frame.